Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your solar panel will optimize performance and recovery on your capital investment. Solar panels are constantly exposed to weather, road dust, bird droppings, tree sap and debris. This can buildup over time and impact the sun's rays that filter onto the photo-voltaic cells, reducing the efficiency with losses up to %20.


  1. Cleaning your panels at least once a year.
  2. Cleaning the panels in the morning, evening or  on an overcast day. This minimizes the chances of cleaning solutions from drying to quickly.
  3. Avoid using mineral-rich or certain chemicals during cleaning. We use de-ionized water to avoid leaving mineral deposits
  4. Application and removal of cleaning products is done best using a window cleaning applicator that is not harsh and will not scratch the surface

All solar panels, regardless of location, need to be cleaned. Some panels require cleaning more often than others. Window Wizard uses chemical free and eco friendly cleaners with automatic equipment to clean. Even tap water with high mineral content can leave behind deposits and impede your solar panel output. The best time to clean your panels is between April and June. Heading into the longer days of sunlight, your clean panels will produce the maximum ammount of energy.